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Attention All Licensees


Licensees throughout BC are cautioned to be aware of the potential for fraud when arranging for properties to be viewed by buyer’s agents and their clients.

As recently reported by the CBC, a series of frauds were perpetrated in Vancouver in 2014, when listing agents were contacted by unlicensed individuals impersonating buyer’s agents, requesting access to view vacant properties listed for sale. These individuals proceeded to show the properties to potential renters, and received large cash deposits from them. A criminal investigation is currently underway.

When contacted by a buyer’s agent, licensees can use the Licensee Search function on the Council’s website to verify that the individual is licensed. Licensees who have reason to suspect that any individual contacting them to arrange a property viewing is not a licensed real estate professional, or who believe that their listing is being used as part of a fraud, should contact the police.
This information is provided to you by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC). Your feedback is always welcome and can be sent to