DPM Property Management manages a large portfolio of rental units all over the Vancouver area. We offer a full range of property management services for your rental property whether it is individual rental or a multi-unit rental or strata building.    The following are some of the services that we provide:

Advertising & signs, screening tenants, showing the property, selecting a tenant with owner’s approval, performing credit and reference checks, negotiating and signing a lease, collecting security and pet deposits and rent payment, and completing the move-in inspection with the tenant.   We also inform the owner of any necessary upgrades to the unit between tenants.

Collecting rent (which is deposited to a designated trust account which is audited annually), paying any invoices for maintenance or owner’s expenses (such as property taxes and utilities), sending the net rent to the owners bank account or as directed, periodic drive by, periodic interior inspections and follow-up on tenant requests, repairs & maintenance as required or when requested by the owner, and financial statements.

Advising owners and tenants on any areas of dispute.   We can also prepare any necessary documentation and attend arbitrations at the Residential Tenancy Branch on behalf of landlords or tenants.    Contact us by email at jdennison@dpmonline.ca for a separate quote.

Rental fee 50% of one month’s rent (plus any advertising costs)

Management 6% of rent per month unfurnished / 8% for furnished  (min $120 for houses, $90 per month for condos)

Miscellaneous $100 to renew lease with an existing tenant, $7.50 per month for monthly statements and $15 for quarterly statements

Non-Residents $100 per annum for additional paperwork & filings for non-residents

GST will be charged on all fees

We will charge you for advertising, credit checks on tenants and all relevant long distance telephone calls, faxes and other out of pocket expenses ($6.00 per month for postage, photocopying and annual trust account audit).

Our staff are available by office phone, direct line, voice mail, pager and cell phone – we return all phone calls! Our service people are available on short notice for emergency call-out.